Wills, Trusts and Probate


Making a will is vital to safeguard those you love and to ensure your wishes are carried out.  We offer a cost-effective, understanding and efficient service, ensuring we deal with your family and financial situation by making practical suggestions taking into account allowable exemptions and inheritance tax rules.  Our compassionate and practical approach ensures that any Will you make will be tailored to suit your needs.



The death of our loved ones is a stressful, emotional and difficult time.  We assist families in dealing with the administrative and legal responsibilities.  We will assist you through the process and will stand by you to deal with all the responsibilities of probate and administration of the estate.


Contested Wills and Probate issues

Wills and the law of Intestacy (i.e. when someone dies without leaving a Will) may not achieve a ‘fair’ result, and those entitled may not receive reasonable financial provision.  We can also assist in such matters.  In dealing with your Wills and Probate matters we will put you first and will ensure that you achieve the best result possible.