Costs and Fees


Sweeping changes brought in by recent reforms to the legal landscape pose new demands to the way in which costs must be dealt with by lawyers. We have considerable experience in dealing with issues of legal costs – regardless of the sum or complex nature of the issues at hand, whether the matter be contentious or non-contentious and whether you be a receiving party (when successfully bringing or defending a claim) or a paying party (where you may have been unsuccessful) in litigation. In a world where everyone is under pressure to save costs, we are always striving to preserve quality without compromising quality.


Fee Estimates

Costs are a concern for anyone needing the services of a lawyer. We pride ourselves in providing a value for money service to all our clients and can tailorour service to suit your budget. cialis coupon We will also discuss funding options with you from the outset, but whatever the funding arrangement we will be fully transparent about costs and will keep you informed throughout. In all cases, we will assess your matter and provide you with an estimate as to the likely costs at all the appropriate stages. We will also keep you informed of the progress throughout your case and tell you immediately if we have to revise any estimate of costs.


Funding Arrangements

For some cases we may be able to offer a ‘no win, no fee’ or conditional fee agreement. With such an agreement in place we would agree not to charge you our fees if you lost your case. If you won, most of your costs would be paid by your opponent. Conditional fees are often used alongside an insurance policy, called ‘after-the-event’ cover, which protects you from having to pay your opponent’s costs if you lost the case. We can advise you whether your case is suitable for a conditional fee agreement and how to find the best insurance policy.


We also offer fixed fees for a variety of services including the initial interview, review of documents and preparation of your claim or defence in contentious proceedings. We also offer fixed fees in Employment Law and Divorce proceedings.


Please contact us for further details in relation to your particular case or matter.